Monday, 21 January 2013

Adaptation: Revolver Mash Up Experiment

An experiment to see what kind of results, a mash up of other images can form. I like the variation that can be achieved through this method, so I intend to take this further by using multiple images and have them mashed up by others.

Friday, 18 January 2013

Adaptation: The Gunslinger

After my tutorial with Alan where we discussed my idea for a character design for a game, Stephen King's The Gunslinger will be what I shall be adapting. There were two ideas for an end result, to aim for. The first was to create the Hero and Villain. The second, which seems favourable to me, is to create five models of the Hero with each owning a distinctive look to signify the characteristic difference between each one.

During the discussion with Alan, he suggested that rather than imposing a 10% of fantasy on the old west, but rather to intertwine that 10% throughout the development whilst not being in control. It's a method of development that I will be exploring.

Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Adaptation: Initial Ideas

I have came up with 3 ideas, each a different novel, to develop and adapt a character from;

First Idea
The Gunslinger by Stephen King, as apart of The Dark Tower Series.
It's a series that I enjoy reading, and has plenty of material to work from, with a likeable protagonist and fascinating character development.

The Gunslinger is the first in the series, which introduces Roland Deschain as the Anti-Hero. His goal is to seek The Dark Tower, which serves as a crossing point for parallel universes, though his motives for doing so change throughout the story and is driven by his Ka-Tet that is similar to that of Karma.

This fantasy world is set in the old west, though uses old tales, demons and magic. Such as Roland's dual revolvers having been made by the metal of Excalibur, a fictional sword from other tales that serves as a reference in this fantasy world.

Second Idea
The Black Company by Glen Cook has a powerful wizard and an interesting background to adapt into a game.

Third Idea
The Way Of Kings by Brandon Sanderson has an interesting world with a lot of material to adapt into a game.

Adaptation: Initial Thoughts

When I first saw the brief for this project, I gravitated towards the game design aspect as that is what I aspire for as a future career. I was uncertain whether to focus on the character design, or whether I wanted to focus on the animating for the game world. However, I enjoy the designing prospect for characters more than the animation.

With that said, I'll be looking at: Character Design for Game
With the following pipeline: Text (Novel, Short Story or Article) to Character Design for Game

Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Maya: Tutorial Compilation