Thursday, 22 September 2011

Anatomy - Animal

My animal for this project, in which I have to splice myself with an animal, is a Dromaius novaehollandiae which is an emu. When I found out what animal I had I was nervous as to how to approach the project. The initial reaction was shock, I suppose, as I couldn't really see any potential. But after looking into them, I have found out that they are very tall (reaching 6,6 ft in height), are flightless birds and although their legs are thin they are very strong. They are also brown and soft-feathered. 


  1. Hey Jake,

    You know, emus are much more 'dinosaur-like' than they are 'bird-like'. Just take a closer look at those powerful legs! The first thing I'd do is start by comparing human and emu skeletons and internal structure; simply ask the question what would your skeleton look like if suddenly, your rib-cage was structured as the emu's - or what would it mean for your legs if they were as proportionately big as the birds? If you start like this, and then literally build up some ideas in regard to your muscle mass - and how it would encase your new skeleton - you will very quickly begin to move your hybrid into fascinating territories... get stuck in, but do your anatomy homework first!

  2. Thanks for the help. I was really stuck on how to develop ideas from an emu to a hybrid, but you have helped me out with the bases with everything.