Tuesday, 4 October 2011



Couldn't manage to get it to work as it should have.


  1. Re. Scribd issue - see my first comment to Meg - I'm assuming your difficulty is the same:


  2. OGR 03/10/11

    Hey Jake,

    There are some very nice qualities to your pencil drawings, but their quality-in-reproduction is pretty terrible, and this is the first practical thing I want you to address from this point onwards. There is no point at all in uploading images that unpick their own usefulness, and that is true of all your pencil work. In truth, there is not a huge amount of properly speculative, investigative work on here - your body of work is lacking punch, impact and confidence and I can only presume that you are not hugely enamoured with your animal. I'd suggest you're thinking very conventionally at the moment and not really taking any imaginative risks with your hybrid - there is certainly no sense of momentum or one idea winning out over others. That said, I'm in total agreement with you regarding the conventional, to-be-avoided' approach of simply putting a human torso onto the body of the emu. I suggest you take a look at Lloyd's latest round of silhouettes after he too was encouraged to step away from cliched thinking:


    I particularly liked silhouette number 6, because of its proportions, and how they transform the whole. You need to develop a much gutsier approach to your own development, Jake - more comparative anatomy studies, more methods for investigating how they might blend - a browse of any number of classmate blogs should inspire. I suggest you visit the following for some good examples of where you should be at by now:


    It appears you're not keeping on top of the reviews - which is something you need to address now. The content of your reviews is solid, but so far lacking finesse - which is something only experience and practice can give you, so please, move your skillset forward actively and keep on top of the workload.

    There is no essay intro in your OGR as specified? Why not? The point of the OGR is to ensure you can move confidently into the remaining weeks, certain of your direction. Get your introduction on your blog for my attention asap or risk making some classic, yet avoidable error of judgement.

    Everything is a bit wishy-washy, Jake - I want to see a much more proactive and enthusiastic approach on here. Improvement please!