Saturday, 1 October 2011

More Inspiration

A Chocobo
Falco Lombardi
Just two extra images that have an emu-like appearance that can help with my designs. The Chocobo, top image, being the most obvious in its shape, size and appearance. Falco, the second image, has a beak similar to an emus as well as a similar head shape. Also Falco has a human-like appearance utilising clothes, a headset and a weapon. Both from video games, the Chocobo from the Final Fantasy series and has had its design changed throughout, and Falco from the Star Fox series.


An extra image that I found that I can use to help with my designs. The third image is Kinnara, half-human half-horse (India)/bird (south-east Asia). I'll be focusing on the latter, which in south-east Asian Mythology, Kinnara becomes Kinnaris, the female counterpart to Kinnara. Kinnaris has bird-like legs, which bend in the opposite manner of humans. She also has a feather waist and has a similar shape to an emus back.

Second update:

Another update, except this time it's from a Pixar animation, Up. Kevin, as named in the movie, is a tall, colourful, flightless bird that is non-existant to the world with the exception of an a explorer. All of Kevin's qualities resemble an emu's, apart from the colourful feathers.

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