Monday, 21 November 2011

Room Of Roots - Progression

Starting with a couple of dark green green lines, using the blocking brush, a few patterns that have been altered with the perspective and transform tool with some lighting.

Adding more blocked out areas around the canvas, I also began adding texture by laying a very light green textured brush over the dark lines then added thin lines to give a sense of structure, finishing with a dark textured brush over the top.

Filling out more around the canvas, increasing the lighting from the windows on the left and right as well as adding a dark textured brush to the wall behind the roots and vines.

After speaking with Photoshop Phil, I enlarged the size of the canvas, pinpointed the perspective point and altered the lighting on the stairway.

I began sketching and blocking out the structure around the centre piece.

I then flipped the image to see what was and wasn't woking, noting the right hand side is too dark.

Adding texture and lines to the structure around the centre piece, but also over it so I could blend it together better.

A lot of texture is placed over the top with a light tone in the upper left section, where I would later add a light source.

Finishing off most of the textures, I then began blocking out the background for the stone wall pattern.

Finally finishing off the textures, I then added a quick layer over the top, darken the edges and showing a predominate light source that highlights the centre piece more. Open to feedback, Kadeem, Freddie and Phil, all pointed out the lighting was too strong, covered too much area and the edges were too dark, losing the texture of the whole scene.

During the photoshop session, Phil helped me alter the layer that was obstructing the scene, changing the grey lighting to a grey blue. I reshaped some portions that had lost their structure when I was applying the texture, and created a new layer over the scene, but underneath the lighting. I unintentionally changed the layer from normal to colour dodge, and worked into it unaware. The colour dodge tool helped highlight sections without becoming too apparent. 

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