Friday, 11 May 2012

Unit 5: Few story ideas

Story idea 1: A geriatric telescope is angered upon realising his own life is fleeting from him, and reflects that anger onto a young magnifying glass.

Does not highlight or imply the illness, thus making the anger just that and not derivative of the illness.

Story idea 2: A geriatric telescope is distressed when reflecting upon his life, filled with a sense of regret as to the choices that it had and had not made.

Too focused on past events and not the character itself, as present.

Story idea 3: A geriatric telescope is angered to see a new model telescope replace it as the old telescope's lens is used to give it life.

With the lens substituted for the heart, the focus on such, would take too much time and attention away from the character. It would possibly be too complex and not easily interpreted.

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