Friday, 11 May 2012

Unit 5: Final story idea


A geriatric telescope is angered when it is pursued by a young, energetic magnifying glass as it seeks companionship.

Step Outline

Scene one

The telescope is out-of-shot, with a progressive thumping approaching. The geriatric telescope comes into shot, progressing slowly over ground. As it approaches the centre of the shot, it halts and stretches it's back before continuing on.

Scene two

As the telescope progresses the young magnifying glass comes into shot. The magnifying glass erupts into life and stands in the telescopes way. The telescope uses his arm to shift the magnifying glass towards the camera, and continues on it's path which is magnified by the lens of the magnifier.

Scene three

The magnifier recovers and is seen in the next shot, which is currently following the telescope, hopping behind the telescope. The telescope halts, as it senses a presence behind, and wards the magnifying glass away. The telescope continues on it's journey, and a lamp post comes into shot. The magnifier is hopping after the telescope in the distance, keeping a steady distance. When the magnifier comes in contact with the lamp post it hides behind it, at which time the telescope glances back to find nothing but empty space. 

Scene four

Paranoid, the telescope frantically searches around using his arm to detect anything abnormal. Which then leads to the telescope prodding the camera, and then continuing on the journey. After a few moments pass, the magnifier leaps out in front and the telescope begins prodding the magnifying glass with it's arm which upsets it. The magnifier then sits on the ground, saddened by the event.

Scene five

The geriatric telescope then sits beside the magnifying glass, to which they both look up. The camera is behind them, and peering through their lens' the words "The End" is revealed.


Scene one

EXT. Pavement

WIDE SHOT of Pavement, the TELESCOPE slowly walks into shot. As it reaches the centre of the shot, the Telescope halts and stretches before continuing on.

Scene two

Camera PANS LEFT, following the pavement with the Telescope operating as the pivot of the camera. The MAGNIFYING GLASS comes into the shot, as it stands still with the camera moving towards it. 

The Telescope pushes the Magnifying Glass towards the camera. 

CUT TO CLOSE UP with the shot remaining as it is for a moment. 

The camera PANS TO THE LEFT following the telescope, but leaving the enhanced zoom.

Scene three

Camera PANNING LEFT, the Magnifying Glass hops into the shot behind the Telescope, which has shifted to the left of the camera.

CUT TO the Telescope as it wards the Magnifying Glass away, off screen.

Camera PANS LEFT as the Telescope continues the journey. A lamp post comes into shot from the left, but at a distant view. The Magnifying Glass is approaching the lamp post, in the distance. Upon contact with the lamp post, the Magnifying Glass does not appear on the other side.

CUT TO the Telescope, which turns around and begins to search the space, stationary.

Scene four

CUT TO CLOSE UP of the Telescope, which is currently searching the space around it. The Telescope stumbles upon the camera hitting it three times, each one jolting the camera back-and-forth. 

CUT TO the Telescope.

Camera PANS LEFT as the Telescope continues on. The Magnifying Glass leaps out at the Telescope.

CUT TO the Telescope, who hits the lens of the Magnifier.

CUT TO BACK SHOT of the Magnifying Glass as it kneels of the ground.

Scene five

CUT BACK TO the Telescope as it approaches the Magnifying Glass.

CUT TO BACK SHOT of the Telescope and the Magnifying Glass.

Camera PANS UP, with the lens' of both in clean view, revealing the words "The End".

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