Friday, 11 May 2012

Unit 5: Story idea


A geriatric telescope is distraught when it recognises the emotional pain he had caused to a young, helpful magnifying glass.

Step Outline

Scene one 

A home, outdated in style, is revealed with a progressive thumbing sound off screen. An old telescope comes into frame, with very slow movement, and sluggishly moves itself up the stairway. It enters a room, which is void of any materials, moving it's way to the window. Upon reaching the window, the telescope perches and gazes upon the sky.

Scene two

The next day, the old telescope is walking along the pathway when a young magnifying glass greets him, as they have never came in contact before. The telescope rejects his offer and continues to walk along the pathway, ignoring the magnifying glass' kind gesture. The magnifying glass notices the telescope's lack of balance, and persists on helping the old telescope.

Scene three

Coming upon a crossing, the magnifying glass believes it is the correct time to offer aid to the telescope. The telescope is enraged as he repeats his previous answer, and begins to flail his arm in the air directed at the magnifying glass. The telescope marches past the magnifying glass, but loses his footing whilst doing so resulting in it falling down to the ground. As the magnifying glass kneels down beside him, to check whether it is un-injured or not, the telescope accuses the magnifying glass of assaulting it. The magnifying glass is emotional hurt by such an accusation and flees from the area.

Scene four

As the telescope rises to it's feet, it observes the magnifying glass hop off along the paved pathway across the road. The telescope crosses the road and continues on it's original journey, heading down the path that the magnifying had just hopped down. Just a bit further down the path, the telescope's arm began to give way due to the un-even balance and fell to the floor again. Realising that the initial fall was of it's own doing and not the magnifying glass, the telescope heads off in search of the magnifying glass.

Scene five

The telescope continues in his search for the magnifying glass, glancing frantically down the road. The telescope notices the magnifying glass sitting down on the bench, hunched over. The geriatric telescope then walks calmly towards the magnifying glass, and without any interaction, sat down beside the magnifying glass. 

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