Friday, 21 September 2012

Commission: Idea Re-Thought

I had a quick initial idea of a "hi-tech tour guide", which would demonstrate the life cycle. However, I wanted to give the animation some motion and become more "life-like" as well as becoming more visually apparent as to the actual cycle process. So, much like giving the racing driver experience to an audience through simulations, that is the approach I intend to go towards.

Unlike a simulation, though, this won't perfectly re-create the cycle nor depict it but rather a virtual playthrough. As such, there would be an interface around the animation that also analyses and assess' the cells as they progress through the cycle. The progress is displayed, and the cycle is effectively a circuit or track that will come across checkpoints. The cell materialises, to initiate the cycle, and the view will be magnified at specific moments throughout the cycle to examine the cell in a more focused condition.

The target audience would be teenagers and young adults, as such it would be informative yet influenced by the large appeal to modern day technology. The process needs to be both explained and shown, in a manner that isn't too direct in text as well as not becoming over-complicated in it's visual presentation which may lead to mis-direction or mis-communication of the process.

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