Friday, 21 September 2012

Commission: Initial Ideas

A couple of quick ideas came to mind, most of which were targeted towards The Cell Cycle as the subject. Using the teaching environment as a basis;

Technology was the first thing that came to mind, taking a "high-tech" approach towards the process. Like the film Innerspace (1987), and would see a spectator role of a tour guide through the cycle. 

The next idea, was to animate and manipulate ink on a whiteboard or chalk on a blackboard. Taking something that the target audience is familiar with in their past or present, and giving it an interesting perspective. The ink on a whiteboard concept would feature a blank white space, and would manipulate written words transforming them into illustrations, representations, or a metaphoric drawing to illustrate a point in simpler methods. The chalk on a blackboard would operate under a similar manner, but would represent a more 'sketchy' and 'imperfect' feel.

Metaphoric illustration of vehicles along a road, were another idea. It is one that can be incorporated into the previously mentioned idea, above. Cars come in contact with traffic lights and intersections, determining the cycle of that cell.

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