Friday, 21 September 2012

Commission: Subject

For this unit, I will be using The Cell Cycle as my subject. After researching both the Ageing Process and The Cell Cycle, I began to start thinking of possible ideas more naturally with the subject; The Cell Cycle, rather than the Ageing Process. With that in mind, I began to think of a target audience for either topic, and what artistic style would be better suited for both the audience and the topic.

So thinking of a target audience, I aim to direct it towards young adults and teenagers. Namely because, when trying to be taught about such subjects, few may consider it "boring" or "not worthwhile". However, that attitude is mostly directed towards how it is taught. It's very plain, and normally just read about in an old textbook or rather on a whiteboard. If it were animated though, in some way or form, then it can draw interest. More importantly, theirs.

With that in mind, the art style should reflect with something that a young audience can associate with. 

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