Monday, 12 March 2012

Unit 4: Story Idea

The crew of a shuttle are planning to fly to the moon, but have encountered an issue. The shuttle doesn't have the resources to get back to earth. The Rocket Scientist, Donny, is called in to devise a plan to save the crew.

Upon thinking of an idea, he comes across nothing but failure in his designs. Resorting to using toys, after using models, to help his analogy, he comes across a roller skate. Treating it as the shuttle, he fitted it with a small rocket. Activating the rocket, the skate went of control, tilting the skate causing the rocket to switch off and stabilise itself. Went it straightened out the rocket used what little fuel it had left to get back to Donny's feet.

Donny contacted the crew of his idea and they all agreed to the plan. The plan is to propel the shuttle around the moon, using gravitational pull as a magnet with both the attraction and subtraction in mind, then reactivating the rocket to send guide it back to earth. The scientist calculated the entry point of the shuttle when entering the Earth's atmosphere. The shuttle would land close to a small land mass, which rescuers would be rushed to, to save the survivors.

Putting the lives of the crew in his hands, the scientist decided that he too would go to welcome them back to earth and congratulate them.

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