Friday, 16 March 2012

Unit 4: Lonely Rivalry Final Script

Lonely Rivalry

Act 1.
Scene 1.
EXT. Laboratory

The laboratory is a complex consisting of multiple structures over a large flat land mass, with a towering cylindrical structure in the centre.

ESTABLISHING SHOT of LABORATORY, the camera captures the scale of the facility.

Scene 2.
CUT TO scientist's office.

Paper is scattered across the office and scrunched up pieces of paper lay across the floor, indicating the persistence of the scientist.

The perspective is down low, sneaking up on the scientist, ERIC, at work.

The whiteboard is covered in drawings, writing and designs. ERIC is at work on his latest project. The squeaks of the board marker are heard from outside of the office, with approaching footsteps growing louder as they enclosed on the door.

The door is swung wide open as the rival scientist, DONNY, aggressively slams it.

HOLD SHOT, showing DONNY standing in the door. Both in the same lab coat as an indication to their employment.

PAN RIGHT on the whiteboard to reveal Eric's designs.

CLOSE UP of DONNY as he grins to his rival. His smile indicating his superiority over Eric.

HOLD SHOT as the two scientists, DONNY and ERIC, approach the centre of the office.

CUT TO a sideways shot of Donny and Eric. Donny walks to the whiteboard, rubbing out the markings on the board and replacing them with the requirements of a challenge between the two scientists. A drawing of the laboratory and the moon appear on the board.

Act 2.
Scene 3.

Eric begins to write up designs for a design to compete with Donny in the upcoming challenge. 

HOLD SHOT on the bin in the office, as scrunched up paper is lobbed within the vicinity of the bin. 

CUT TO Donny drawing on the whiteboard in a frantic manner, the squeaking of the marker pen contributing to his state of mind.

CUT TO Eric constructing his device, a pair of jet powered skates. A slight peek over Eric's shoulder, slightly revealing the device.

CUT TO Donny constructing his device, a jet pack. A slight peek over Donny's shoulder reveals the device.

CUT TO a shot of both scientists at either end of the workshop, with their finalised devices.

CUT TO Donny as he peers over his own shoulder, glancing at Eric, as he schemes to sabotage Eric, ensuring his own victory.

Scene 4.

Eric ready's himself by positioning himself in front of the half-pipe ramp. 

PAN OUT to see both scientists in position, ready to test each others intellect. 

CLOSE UP on Donny as he ready's himself, with a smirk on his face, knowing that his rival cannot contest him for victory.

CUT TO FRONT SHOT of both scientists as they count down for the starting mark. Both using their fingers to indicate time decrease.

CUT TO BEHIND SHOT both, Donny and Eric, begin their rocket powered equipment. Eric shoots off down the runway, whilst Donny begins a slow ascent towards the moon. 

Scene 5.

CUT TO shot of both scientists heading off upwards towards the moon, with Eric in the lead.

CLOSE UP Eric's rocket powered skates begin to malfunction, and his left rocket powered skate loses power.

CUT TO Donny, enjoying a brief moment before colliding with Eric, causing the two to spiral out of control.

CUT TO REAR SHOT of Eric and Donny rotating and moving further and further away from the camera.

Scene 6.

CUT TO the scientists falling from the sky, leaving a trail of smoke behind them.

FADE OUT with sounds of distant clutter, clashing and smashing against itself and the ground.

FADE IN Eric and Donny sit un-impressed on top of the rocks, 

CUT TO front shot, by looking away from the other.

CLOSE UP of Eric and Donny as they turn to one another.

FADE OUT to black screen.

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