Monday, 12 March 2012

Unit 4: Another Story Idea

Two rival rocket scientists, Donny and Eric, have been playing 'Cat and mouse' (Tom and Jerry) since their childhood. They both decide to face off in a head-to-head race to the Moon, to prove just who is the better scientist.

Both design their own means of transport. Eric creates a jet pack and a pair of thrusters that attached to his boots, to take him to the moon. Donny, however, made a ramp on the basis of 'half pipe skating', as well as a pair of rocket propelled speed line skates. Eric, not taking any chances, decides to sabotage his opponent. Donny was thinking the same way and sabotaged his opponent as well.

Set to begin the race, they ready at their starting marks. The race begins with Donny heading down the drop on the ramp and Eric begins his take off, waiting for the rockets to kick in. Donny went up the vertical rise, igniting the rockets. He noticed that there was an issue, as his projections were off as Eric had tampered with the ramp. Eric begun to pick up speed, and as he crept above the ramp's highest point a smile appeared on his face. However, Eric's jet pack suddenly blew out and he lost all control of his stability. As he began to see more of the downhill ramp, Donny suddenly appeared and collided with Eric.

The two spiralling out of control, swirled across the landscape, out above the open sea. The two viscously holding onto one another, in both anger and fear. Soon their rockets begin to run out of fuel and crash land onto a desert island. The two scientists sit side by side, unimpressed and angry by themselves. They turn to one another and repeat their old antics.

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