Monday, 12 March 2012

Unit 4: Yet Another Story Idea

The rocket scientist, Donny,  is hard at work when he gets wind that he has a new boss. However, his new boss isn't just that, as he was also Donny's high school bully. His new boss got the job through some very high up connections from his father.

Suffering from the same antics, as he did in his high school years, the scientist comes up with a plan. He devises a plan, an ingenious trap that will rid him of the bully forever. So, the engineer offers to show his boss, his latest and greatest invention yet. Donny opens the door to a set of stairs, leading down to his workshop. The engineer offers the bully to go down first, but his boss has a moment of kindness and offers the same gesture to his worker. He pats the engineer on the back, unintentionally pushing him onto the steps below.

The engineer had placed a pair of skates on the stairs as a part of his plan, which has began to unfold but with target being himself rather than his bully. Donny falls onto the skates and begins to roll down to the workshop. When he reaches the bottom, he triggers the pressure plate which gives him more forward momentum. Enough that the wicks on the rockets begin to heat up due to friction. Rockets ignited, he zooms across the room slamming open the door at the far end which opens up onto a small runway where Donny had placed a ramp at the end. Still picking up speed he fly's off the ramp into the sky, leaving his boss bewildered and shocked.

The scientist lands on a desert island, where he had planned the bully to be imprisoned on.

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