Monday, 22 October 2012

Character: Profiles

Newcomer and an outcast
Eye colour: Turquoise
Hair colour: Brown and blond (dependable on lighting)
Powers: Camouflage, adaptable to environment, enhanced agility, night vision
Utilises abilities to hide and avoid others, though once confronted or detected, is rendered vulnerable.

Optimistic Goth-dressed teen
Eye colour: Red/Blue
Hair colour: Black with a blue/purple stripe
Powers: Thermal vision, manipulate water into ice, generates cold aura 
The 'cold' nature of her powers have left her undesirably isolated, as well as her weakness to the heat/warmth of the sun.

Principle of the Villain High School
Eye colour: Brown
Hair colour: Black
Powers: Mental bolts, telekinesis, cast projections and illusions
With the ability to bend a perceived reality in the mind of others, he possess' the power to alter another's reality to aid his own selfish means.

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