Monday, 22 October 2012

Character: Re-fined Notes

After a discussion with Justin, the Highschool for Heroes has now become the Highscool for Villains. 

I will also keep in mind of the limitations and possibilities every power has. How they will be regulated, and to not create another Superman. In the first of four Superman movies, Superman possessed the ability to fly fast enough to reverse. It was flawed and had no regulations, posing the question why it was never used in any other situation. Looking towards the limits, will give the characters greater strengths and weaknesses to one another.

There is a new arrival of super-powered teens, for their first year and one of them is much different. Set apart from the rest, due to his rather secretive profile, the teen hero sees the wrong's committed and sets out to change the system. Another teen, one that has spent a year at the school already and has become familiar with it, is aiding him in his quest. The Principle of the school attempts to stop the duo at every turn, through coercion, deception, force and through mentality. The overwhelming number of bullies, jocks and cheerleaders stand between the duo and their adversary.

Trying to look for a depiction of outcasts and geeks in highschool, I came across Glee. Mixture of geeks, nerds, cheerleaders, jocks and goths. This will help find common traits and identify stereotypes.

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